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Orbiting the Ghost Planet
#21: S02E08 - Jerk (Download Mp3)

Space Ghost has dreams of hosting an award winning talk show that send him down a ruinous path of becoming a big jerk. Also, his evil twin escapes from the asylum.

Posted on 22 Nov 2015

Orbiting the Ghost Planet
#20: S02E07 - Sleeper (Download Mp3)

Wrestling is real dumb.

Posted on 08 Nov 2015

Late Nite GAIDEN
Late Nite GAIDEN #11 (Download Mp3)

Knife skills. How do you hold your knives? How big of a blade is big enough? Would you rather use a laser? All of this, Downwell, and even some bottom-of-the-barrel Steam free-to-play games are discussed.

Posted on 01 Nov 2015

Late Nite GAIDEN
Late Nite GAIDEN #10 (Download Mp3)

We've come here to level grievances and examine curiosities. And we're all out of curiosities. There is talk of pancakes, XCOM 2, Mech Platoon for the GBA, and overworld maps.

Posted on 11 Oct 2015

Orbiting the Ghost Planet
#19: S02E06 - Le Livre d'Histoire (Download Mp3)

Lokar fills in for Space Ghost, while Nick has to scrounge up a flashback sound effect.

Posted on 04 Oct 2015
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