What is Oleetku Studios?

Oleetku Studios is the umbrella under which is released all the projects created by Nick and the various friends and acquaintances he pulls in to work on those projects with him.

This has been many things over the years, but very briefly it's mainly focused on visual arts and games. Not so briefly, it has included webcomics, cooking videos, game review podcasts, half assed board games, illustrations, t-shirts, student project video games, self help blog articles, arcade cabinets, public presentations, live streams, mods and expansions for existing games, artist alley tables, and that one time we mixed various condiments from the fridge just to see if it was even possible to make something that was tolerable to drink.

Basically, the pile of little ideas that are born in your head from fighting the boredom of the everyday daily routine are let loose here at Oleetku Studios to frolic and maybe even grow into something bigger and better.

So what are you trying to sell me?

The intent of the site has always been to show off the personal projects we've been working on in our down time. Just making things is satisfaction enough, there isn't a need to make money off of any of these things, and no one wants to create the pressure of "the responsibility of delivering a product of satisfactory quality to paying customers."

That being said, adulthood is rough, and bills pile up. So giving people ways and reasons to give us money isn't out of the picture.

The plan is to keep as much of the site content free for all as we can. Right now, the only things you can pay for on the site is what's available on our TeePublic shop, and some Pay What You Want items on our itch.io page (although most items there include "nothing" as an acceptable price).

If you have a project or idea that you would like to hire us to work on, we have a commissions page where you can learn more and contact us.

We're considering setting up a Patreon, but we're holding off until we decide the best way to handle a system like that. We are working up other things we could sell, more finished products rather than ongoing projects, but we are always open to suggestions if there is anything you would be interested in seeing from us.

How can I stay up to date with Everything Oleetku?

While this site serves as a home page and archive for a number of projects, the truth is we are always playing with new tools and platforms just to see what's new and exciting out in the wild.

What this means is that the best way to keep up with everythin gOleetku is to follow Nick on Twitter. He's usually posting about whatever the latest project is.

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