#9: NCCDX - Enter The Gungeon and Nuclear Throne

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In this special Some Credit Continue episode, Nick feels it's his duty to clear the air on the common but undue comparisons being made between these games in the wake of Enter the Gungeon's release.

- Enter the Gungeon homepage
- Nuclear Throne homepage
(Both sites have links to the various storefronts the games are available on.)

Posted on 17 Apr 2016.

#8: Regular Human Basketball

(Download MP3)

Nothing strange going on here. Nope. Just normal sports stuff. You know about sports, right? With the jump jets and all-terrain wheels and rotating magnet arms and all that? You know, SPORTS?

- Regular Human Basketball at Powerhoof
- Regular Human Basketball on itch.io
- Regular Human Basketball OST

Posted on 27 Sep 2015.

#7: Half-Line Miami

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A simple but satisfying game that somehow manages to feel like it's being faithful to the source while playing like something entirely different!

- Half-Line Miami at itch.io
- Sung on SoundCloud

Posted on 20 Sep 2015.

#6: Card Hunter

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The boys sit down in the same room for the first time to talk about a tactical board-and-card based game heavily inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.

- Card Hunter homepage - Play online

Posted on 02 Aug 2015.